About this Reframing Parenting eLearning course

Hello and welcome!

The way we talk about parenting matters.

What we say, and how we say it, has a huge impact on how people think, feel and behave. Sometimes, the way we talk about parenting can lead people to disengage entirely, or lead them to be less supportive of parents.

We can communicate about parenting in ways that have a positive impact on thinking and behaviour.

This eLearning unpacks insights from communications research. It guides you to put them into practice in ways that work for you.

This training was developed in collaboration with the FrameWorks Institute, with Funding from the Australian Department of Social Services.

How does the training work?

This training is split into five modules.

Two modules are core modules, which will take you through the the most important ideas in Reframing Parenting. The remaining modules are optional. The optional modules will let you to focus on the areas most relevant to your work. They are designed to support you in every element of framing: from background and context; to implementing framing in your organisation; to framing for specific audiences.

The outline below will give you an idea of what each module contains so you can choose the path through the course that’s right for you.

Module 1: What is framing? (Optional)

  • What is framing?
  • Why does framing matter?
  • How framing helps create social change.

Timing: Around 30 minutes

Module 2: How do people think about parenting? (Core)

  • How people think about parenting
  • Specific parenting perceptions
  • How to navigate these perceptions to create effective communication.

Timing: Around one hour

Module 3: Changing the 'Big Idea' (Core)

  • What is a 'Big Idea'?
  • How to shift the frame to ‘what children need’ to tell a more compelling story.

Timing: around one hour

Module 4: Framing for different audiences (Optional)

This module is split into three sub-modules:

  • Framing when speaking to parents
  • Framing when speaking about government
  • Framing when influencing decision-makers; both directly, and indirectly via campaigns focused on the general public.

Timing: Around 30 minutes per option

Module 5: Framing in practice (Optional)

This module is split into two sub-modules:

  • Part 1 focuses on how to put framing into practice, using specific techniques
  • Part 2 focuses on setting yourself up for success.

Timing: Around 30 minutes per option